Refugees’ cultural perspectives on mental health and illness are often different than the mainstream America. Pioneer Healing & Restoration Services Inc., understands the importance of utilizing culturally-appropriate methods when engaging with refugees to foster recovery and resilience processes.

As our founders have been refugees themselves, we understand that the life in the refugee camp and the resettlement process is difficult and stressful.
Pioneer Healing & Restoration Services Inc.  recognizes that, for refugees, almost everything is new and unknown; i.e., language, home, work, finances, social expectations. A constant feeling of not having control over one’s surroundings can elicit anxiety and depression. Assisting our refugee clients in learning to navigate their new environment can lessen the potential for mental health problems.

We strive to maintain relationships with Social Services, Corrections, housing, and employment sources, in an attempt to advocate for our clients in the most effective possible method.

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